Shalom TV News – May 30th

JBS May 30, 2014 0

Ron Jacobsohn anchors the Shalom TV News Update for May 30th, 2014 Todays Headlines: Kansas City shooter facing new charges. Sen. Ted Cruz on a 2-day visit to the Holy Land. Panamanian President on his first State’s Visit to... Read more

MIP-TV Preview

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Ron Jacobsohn discusses the resurgence of Israeli content providers and TV format producers who... Read more

Ron Jacobsohn Attends the Israel Business Conference to talk to Experts about the Future of Israel

JN1 Sep 9, 2013 0

We are at the annual Israel Business Conference hosted by the Globes financial newspaper,... Read more

Ron Jacobsohn Attends the Final of the European Soccer Tournament

News Jun 18, 2013 0

The ten-days of European Soccer euphoria that has taken Israel by storm is coming... Read more
Cary Fukunaga

Cary Fukunaga Hot

Interviews Apr 16, 2009 0

In this one-on-one interview director, Cary Fukunaga, talks about this first feature film, Sin Nombre, for which he has...
Empowering Women in the Middle East
Robi Demlin of the The Parents Circle in a stop in New York, talking about Empowering Women in the...
The Iran Deal

The Iran Deal

JBS Apr 5, 2015 0

Jerusalem Unity Prize

Jerusalem Unity Prize

JBS Feb 18, 2015 0

UN Holocaust Day

UN Holocaust Day

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74th Golden Globes Awards
Ron Jacobsohn discusses the controversial 74th Golden Globes Awards, which turned into a President Trump bashing fest that overshadowed...
MIP-TV Preview

MIP-TV Preview

i24news Apr 11, 2014 0

Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Allied
This is the much anticipated big screen coupling between Brad Pitt and Academy Award Winner, Marion Cotillard, which doesn’t disappoint visually but falls flat when it comes to chemistry. Director Robert Zemeckis is...
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Disney’s Moana
Disney animation has produced yet another master piece with the studio’s fifty-sixth animated movie, Moana. This Polynesian mythological story...
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Rules Don’t Apply
Following his 15 years absence from the big screen, actor-director-writer, Warren Beatty, is back at age 79 portraying legendary eccentric business...