Ron’s World features the fascinating yet entertaining world of Award winning media
personality, Ron Jacobsohn.

So who is Ron? Ron Jacobsohn, is a media professional working as a journalist, writer, speaker, director and producer, including in senior executive roles at some of the largest media companies in the world.

With almost three decades of experience in the media on multiple platforms including news television, newspapers, reality TV, and entertainment media, and have gained this experience internationally working domestically, as well as, in Europe and the Middle East.

Currently Jacobsohn is part of the Fox News working as a Live News Producer. From 2014 to 2016 he served as the Senior Producer of the Jewish Broadcasting Services (JBS) .

JBS (formerly known as Shalom TV) is a National Jewish-American cable channel, which addresses the spectrum of Jewish life with daily news reports from Israel, live event coverage and

analysis along with cultural programming of interest to the North American Jewish community.
JBS is on the air 24/7 and boasts an audience of 40-million Jewish and non-Jewish viewers alike.

Ron has been part of the media landscape since his teenage years. After years as an entertainment news correspondent for the Ma’ariv Daily Newspaper, he was appointed in the late 90’s to be the
paper’s first ever West Coast Editorial Director, building not only the brand awareness for the paper
but also giving a part of the US that was quite neglected in the Israeli media it’s deserved coverage
on a daily basis. Ma’ariv has been for years Israel’s internationally renowned newspaper and
second largest in terms of circulation.

While in LA, Jacobsohn helped found The Hollywood Connection, which is now one the leading
independent news agency for Entertainment related content, providing celebrity interviews, red
carpet premieres and award shows coverage to TV outlets in 26 countries. With The Hollywood
Connection I conducted almost 3000 celebrity interviews with the likes of Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts,
Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas, Daniel Craig and Quentin Tarantino
just to name a few.

In 2010, he joined reality giant Endemol Shine, a 21st Century Fox’s production company, where

reality TV formats such as “Big Brother” and “The Biggest Loser” came to life. At Endemol Shine,
Ron Jacobsohn helped develop primetime TV formats including “Living in La La Land’ which
became the #1 rated show on YES and was later sold for international adaptations.

After years of mostly covering entertainment related stories, it became apparent to Jacobsohn he
has to shift my focus somewhat from Hollywood to covering more in depth serious issues affecting
Jewish Americans, while also using the power of celebrities and the media to spread awareness
about conditions in Israel and the Middle East. Soon after, he was approached to be part of the
first ever Jewish news channel, Jewish News One (JN1) and from 2012-2014, served as the
Editorial Director for JN1, which was known as “the Jewish CNN.” Under his leadership, JN1
became a major player in the news channel arena with a viewership of around 70 million.

Ron Jacobsohn has sat down with celebrities as well as world leaders and always was able to give his audience a captivating interview which gave the people at home a glimpse of the person he got to meet in person.

Jacosbohn belongs to many professional organizations among them the
Broadcast Film Critics Association of America (BFCA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG),
International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Los Angeles Press Club (LAPC),
National Press Club (NPC) and the United Nations Press Association (UNPA)


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