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Ron Jacobsohn meets the people behind the Pew Report on Jews in America

Although the numbers differ from poll to poll, there are an estimated six-and-a-half million Jews in the United States, making it the largest Jewish community in the world. In recent years we have seen a widening split between the Jewish community in Israel and the US over some very crucial issues which both sides differ […]

Ron Jacobsohn Joins British-Israeli Artist, Gabriel Klasmer, for a Tour at his New Exhibit

Israeli born, London-based artist, Gabriel Klasmer has had a very active international career showing his art at such prestigious venues as the Museum of Modern art in New York, The International Biennale in Sao Paulo, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin or the Alexia Goethe Gallery in London. Now he is back in home with an […]

Ron Jacobsohn meets Israeli and Palestinians who dare to go down to business

The World Economic Forum in Geneva has taken it upon itself to help business communities at odds to come closer to each other. So it was given when business people from Israel and the Palestinian Authority wanted to create some business ties that the forum would intervene.JN1’s Ron Jacobsohn talked to some people from both […]

Ron Jacobsohn Finds Out What it’ll Take to get a Spanish Passport

After years of rumors of a public redemption by the Spanish people for what was done to the Jews during the inquisition, the Spanish government recently announced that they are going to go ahead with the legislating a bill to allow Jews of Sephardi origin to be nationalized. We wanted to find out how this […]

Ron Jacobsohn Attends the 2014 Good Deeds Day Celebrations

Israel is in giving mode as the country celebrates 2014 Good Deeds Day with over a half a million volunteers in over 8000 projects from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south. It looks like the spirit of Israeli-American entrepreneur, Shari Arison, is trying to spread is going global. This year alone, The […]

Ron Jacobsohn Reports from the first Open Restaurants in Tel-Aviv

After a successful pilot earlier this year, Open Restaurants, is officially premiering in over seventy restaurants around Tel-Aviv and Jaffa with the top chefs in local culinary scene opening their inner sanctuary, their kitchens, to the wide public. There were thousands of participants from all around Israel, in the 3-day events of Open Restaurants, with […]

Ron Jacobsohn Talks to People Close to Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is celebrating his seventy-ninth birthday and later in the year it will be his tenth year as the head of the Palestinian Authority. JN1’s Ron Jacobsohn went to talk to some people who know the President intimately to find what we don’t know about him and does he have within him what […]

Ron Jacobsohn talks to Dan Shapiro about the looming Peace Negotiations deadline

The board of governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI ), which consists of members from all five continents, are in Israel these days for their Management meetings, got a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from the people at the negotiating table about what is going on at the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations… And Ron […]

Ron Jacobsohn is on the Set of the New Israeli Format Gameshow – The Big Picture

JN’1 Ron Jacobsohn is on the set of the new international Israeli format, The Big Picture, which is shooting right here in Tel-Aviv an English language pilot with the renowned Australian host, Andrew Osher Günsberg. Most Israeli formats who are sold internationally internally have a proven track record on local television, the Big Picture is trying to […]