Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Despicable Me 3
Despicable Me 3 is one sequel this summer which will not let you down. It is colorful, imaginative sometimes silly but eventually just plain enjoyable. However, the Minions, who still steal every scene they are in, have kind of lost their way in the storyline to the point that... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Transformers: The Last Knight
Hasboro’s Transformers are back for their fifth outing on the big screen. I won’t try to explain the storyline because truly it is almost impossible to formulate, the scenes pass by so fast you almost have a hard time grasping whatever is happened in them, yet you kinda feel... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn reviews Disney’s Cars 3
This is the most polished and kid friendly Cars movie of all the trilogy and it also feels like it is tapping a bit more into something deeper than just a corporate bottom line. Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) is now past his prime and although he might still be... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews The Mummy
This third reboot of The Mummy for Universal Pictures and a lot is riding on this, as this a big money-making machine for the studios being the franchise has already earned over a billion and a half dollars. The star of the new The Mummy is Tom Cruise, who... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Wonder Woman
With so many flops in recent years, with their DC Comics movies, it is refreshing to see Warner Bros. finally getting it right. Patty Jenkins was the perfect choice to direct the re-imaging of this super hero icon. Hiring Israeli-born actress, Gal Gadot, gave the writers the freedom to reinvent... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
The long-awaited debut of Captain Underpants on the big screen is finally here and although the movie is different from the books, it still manages to keep the spirit and humor of Dav Pilke’s source materials. Since its debut in 1997, the Captain Underpants series sold fifty million books in... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
The fifth installment of the popular Disney franchise felt like it was running on autopilot, it hit all the right marks but it didn’t go anywhere. Once considered a risk-taking Oscar nominated actor, Johnny Depp came back as Captain Jack Sparrow, most likely for the reportedly fifty million dollar paycheck.... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Baywatch
Most people who will go see the movie adaptation of Baywatch were probably not even alive twenty-five years ago when the TV show made household names of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson… In the movie version of “Baywatch”, Dwayne Johnson is a Tony Robbins-esque lifeguard whipping everyone into doing exactly what he... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Allied
This is the much anticipated big screen coupling between Brad Pitt and Academy Award Winner, Marion Cotillard, which doesn’t disappoint visually but falls flat when it comes to chemistry. Director Robert Zemeckis is a great visual master and Allied is no exception. Creating the World War II era Morocco and England was carefully crafted and looks stunningly believable, but what does not come across is sense... Read more
Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Disney’s Moana
Disney Animation has produced yet another master piece with the studio’s fifty-sixth animated movie, Moana. This Polynesian mythological story that was totally re-written for this CG Animated flick, and as has been the case with other Disney flicks now will be forever be engraved in people’s mind as fact.... Read more