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Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Only the Brave

We are in one the fiercest battles for control of the box office (and the TV ratings) between the superheroes and the real-life heroes. On TV the battle has not been won yet by either side, however at the box office the superheroes are clearly ahead in the race. Only the Brave is now trying […]

Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Dunkirk

Hey I am Ron Jacobsohn with Ron’s World and today I want to talk to you about Dunkirk. This Jonathan Nolan directed pic is nothing short from breathtaking. Nolan was extremely tedious in portraying the story of the evacuation of the British Forces in World War II from the shores of the French harbor, Dunkirk, […]

Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 is one sequel this summer which will not let you down. It is colorful, imaginative sometimes silly but eventually just plain enjoyable. However, the Minions, who still steal every scene they are in, have kind of lost their way in the storyline to the point that even in the movie they declare […]

Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Transformers: The Last Knight

Hasboro’s Transformers are back for their fifth outing on the big screen. I won’t try to explain the storyline because truly it is almost impossible to formulate, the scenes pass by so fast you almost have a hard time grasping whatever is happened in them, yet you kinda feel guilty that at the end of […]

Ron Jacobsohn reviews Disney’s Cars 3

This is the most polished and kid friendly Cars movie of all the trilogy and it also feels like it is tapping a bit more into something deeper than just a corporate bottom line. Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) is now past his prime and although he might still be able to bluff his way around […]

Ron Jacobsohn Reviews The Mummy

This third reboot of The Mummy for Universal Pictures and a lot is riding on this, as this a big money-making machine for the studios being the franchise has already earned over a billion and a half dollars. The star of the new The Mummy is Tom Cruise, who gets to fight an ancient Egyptian […]

Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Wonder Woman

With so many flops in recent years, with their DC Comics movies, it is refreshing to see Warner Bros. finally getting it right. Patty Jenkins was the perfect choice to direct the re-imaging of this super hero icon. Hiring Israeli-born actress, Gal Gadot, gave the writers the freedom to reinvent Diana Prince as the mythological creature […]

Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Baywatch

Most people who will go see the movie adaptation of Baywatch were probably not even alive twenty-five years ago when the TV show made household names of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson… In the movie version of “Baywatch”, Dwayne Johnson is a Tony Robbins-esque lifeguard whipping everyone into doing exactly what he wants especially the new kid with […]