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Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Bridget Jones’s Baby

Everyone I talked to about this movie immediately was asking “do we really need another Bridget Jones” fifteen years later… I say what does it matter how many years later as long as it’s a fun experience and I really had a good time watching “Bridget Jones’s Baby” and there is a very good reason why… Sharon Maguire who directed the first film, but not the second one is back at the helm but more importantly the trio behind the script is original author Helen Fielding, Borat scriber Dan Mazer and Oscar winner Emma Thompson, who naturally wrote herself some of the funniest lines in the movie.
The premise has Bridget getting pregnant and confused over who did it. Leave it to Bridgit to make this tragic misfortune into a laugh out loud comedy with plenty of OMG moments.
Joining the cast or regulars is Doctor McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey, who is so much more fitting in the role of prince charming than the tragic Derek Sheppard of Grey’s Anatomy.
I still can’t get used to Renee Zellwegger’s unbearable British accent but the whole circus going on around her for 123-minutes makes you forget it after a while.
I predict this flick having a much longer shelf life on home entertainment as our big screens tend to make a lot more money these days with those 3D/Imax type of movies where things explode every few seconds.
I know I am probably going to be in a minority here, but I am giving this one a THUMBS UP!!!


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