Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

The long-awaited debut of Captain Underpants on the big screen is finally here and although the movie is different from the books, it still manages to keep the spirit and humor of Dav Pilke’s source materials.

Since its debut in 1997, the Captain Underpants series sold fifty million books in the U.S. alone. Dreamworks Animation hopes to cash-in on the success as it helps the series transition onto the screen.

From the get go this movie channeled for me the Peanuts series, so don’t be surprised that once you get over the silly “fart jokes” this movie has a very solid message about friendship.

Our two protagonists, George and Harold, are fourth graders who can’t stop themselves from creating constant havoc at their school. Their latest prank is hypnotizing their principal, with a ring from a cereal box, to believe he is an imaginary super hero called; you guessed it, Captain Underpants. But fear not there is a happy ending…

The production team behind the movie is spearheaded by director, David Soren, who already left his mark on the animation world as the director of the Madagascar movies. In this movie, Soren created a down-to-earth world filled with fantastical happenings that somehow seem logical when you watch it. The perfect casting of Kevin Hart, as George, and Thomas Middleditch, as Harold, help give the movie real heart.

This movie will help you connect with your kids or just let your inner fourth grader burst out into the world.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is sheer entertainment and deserves my THUMBS UP.

Ron Jacobsohn


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