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Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the newest addition to the Marvel Universe to hit the big screen. As much as I wanted to follow the story, I feel the plot got a bit too complicated. The one thing Doctor Strange has got going for it itself is having an exquisite British import, Benedict Cumberbatch, in the lead, which raises the bar for the whole experience.

The story follows the tragic life of neurosurgeon Stephen Strange, who following a car accident finds himself drown into a world of alternate dimensions and mysticism where he finds his superpowers. Doctor Strange was never one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, since his inception in 1963. In the poll of the Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Times he ranked only eighty-three and the TV movie based on the character from forty years ago is also long forgotten.

The re-imagining of the character most definitely elevated his cache and depending on how well he will do at the box office will seal his fate as a potential franchise in the growing number of Marvel based Disney movies.

This flick is no Spiderman or Ironman but all in all it definitely has potential to become cult. I give it a THUMBS UP.

Ron Jacobsohn

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