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Ron Jacobsohn Reviews The Magnificent Seven

MGM decided to remake the 1960 classic western “The Magnificent Seven” and although it did leave the storyline in the 2016 version identical to the original one, for some odd reason the filmmakers decided to make this a politically correct western having cast members from all ethnicities, kinda like remaking “Boyz’N the Hood” with an all white cast.
So in the Yul Brener part we have one of Hollywood’s greatest African-American actor, Oscar winner Denzel Washington, and then Korean Lee Byung-Hun is reprising the role originated by James Coburn and Mexican Manuel Garcia-Rulfo reprises the role originated by Horst Buchholz. And in which alternate universe does a black outlaw in the Wild West command a bunch of white hillbillies and doesn’t get shot by them in less than a minute…
Maybe director Antoine Fuqua just wanted to create a science fiction western and didn’t tell us.
The 1960 movie was considered one of the best action movies of its time… yet in the 2016 movie the action starts about an hour into the movie after long dialogues between the characters.
I can’t say anything bad about the acting as all the stars of this movie are really great actors, yet the movie itself is just a bit boring for my taste.
Sometimes classic movies should just not be allowed to be remade no matter how lucrative the box office return seems to the studios.
Denzel you know I love you, but I have to give this one a THUMBS DOWN!!!


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