Ron Jacobsohn Reviews Wonder Woman

With so many flops in recent years, with their DC Comics movies, it is refreshing to see Warner Bros. finally getting it right.

Patty Jenkins was the perfect choice to direct the re-imaging of this super hero icon. Hiring Israeli-born actress, Gal Gadot, gave the writers the freedom to reinvent Diana Prince as the mythological creature she was in the comics and less of the all-American hero she was in the 70’s television show.

In this movie Prince is portrayed as an Amazonian who fights for America, so Gadot’s accent is a big asset not a handicap.

The movie is a blast of fresh air, a superhero tailored exactly to what we need this summer. Gadot is powerful, empowering, compassionate, driven by purpose while not forgetting to be entertaining.

This movie is not about the superhero beating up the villains, but rather about the humanity and the characteristics that made Diana Prince into Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman has undoubtedly raised the bar for superhero movies, and I am curious to see how the guys in the DC universe will live up to those standards.

Director Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine give the audience a full return on their investment and a certain sequel order from the studios.

I loved almost every minute of this one hundred and forty-one minute thrill ride; I give it a THUMBS UP!

Ron Jacobsohn

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